Institute of Active Polymers

Pharmaceutical Technology


Microparticle carriers with porous inner structure encapsulating bioactives (SEM image)

Pharmaceutical Technology is the science that transfers and incorporates bioactive substances into so-called dosage forms or formulations which are suitable for administration. In this way, bioactive molecules can be properly delivered and become an effective treatment of human diseases.

The research group Pharmaceutical Technology focuses on delivery systems based on polymers. We particularly address systems used for parenteral administration such as implants or injectable particles. New polymeric materials and new concepts for building carrier systems are the main strategic approaches followed to establish a controlled delivery.

Modern carrier systems should combine functions relevant for the respective biomedical application which leads to a demand of multifunctionality. Most importantly, the different functions of the delivery systems should be controlled independently from each other. For example, carriers may exhibit stimuli-sensitivity, thus being capable to respond to externally applied triggers. Such drug carriers may carry bioactive molecules ranging from conventional drugs to proteins and release them continuously or on-demand.