EU-Projects since the year 2000 at HZG

HGF Research Field: Key Technologies

Core Programme: Advanced Engineering Materials

The projects are arranged chronologically according to their end date, with longest residual term at the top.

AcronymTitleFurther information
INNOMEMOpen Innovation Test Bed for nano-enabled membranes
MACBETHMembranes and catalysts beyond economic and technological hurdles
OntoTRANSOntology driven Open Translation Environment
TAIFUNTowards Artificial Intelligent Maintenance System (AIMS) via predictive failure modelling and numerical simulation
H2FreeInvestigation and modelling of hydrogen effusion in electrochemically plated ultra-highstrength-steels used for landing gear structures
MICROFORMForming of micro-perforated outer skin of HLFC wings assisted by FEM simulation
GrowBotTowards a new generation of plant-inspired growing artefacts
FUNCOATDevelopment and design of novel multifunctional PEO coatingsCo-ordination: HZG
HYDRIDE4MOBILITYHydrogen fuelled utility vehicles and their support systems utilising metal hydrides
MgSafePromoting patient safety by a novel combination of imaging technologies for biodegradable magnesium implantsCo-ordination: HZG
ACTICOATActive environmental friendly coatings for light metals based on a combination of nano- and micro-containers Co-ordination: HZG
HyCAREAn innovative approach for renewable energy storage by a combination of hydrogen carriers and heat storage
TRANSFERRTransition metal oxides with metastable phases: a way towards superior ferroic properties
ADVANCESophisticated experiments and optimisation to advance an existing CALPHAD database for next generation TiAl alloys
SeaMagHigh-performance seawater magnesium batteries for marine application
DAHLIASDevelopment and application of hybrid joining in lightweight integral aircraft structuresCo-ordination: HZG
CO2MPRISECO2 absorbing Materials Project - RISE
LORCENISLong Lasting Reinforced Concrete for Energy Infrastructure under Severe Operating Conditions
LASIMMLarge Additive Subtractive Integrated Modular Machine
EMMC-CSAEuropean Materials Modelling Council
MULTISURFMulti-functional metallic surfaces via active layered double hydroxide treatmentsCo-ordination: HZG
TUMOCSTuneable multiferroics based on oxygen octahedral structures
SMARCOATDevelopment of smart nano and microcapsulated sensing coatings for improving of material durability/performance
ALMAGICAluminium and Magnesium Alloys Green Innovative Coatings
MAGPLANTLocalized Corrosion Studies for Magnesium Implant DevicesCo-ordination: HZG
DELASTIDevelopment of advanced Laser based technologies for the manufacturing of Titanium HLFC structures
ECOSTORENovel Complex Metal Hydrides for Efficient and Compact Storage of Renewable Energy as Hydrogen and ElectricityCo-ordination: HZG
FUNCTIONALStrengthen International Research Collaborations on the Development of Functional Surfaces between the EU, Brazil and Mexico
BOR4STOREFast, reliable and cost effective boron hydride based high capacity solid state hydrogen storage materialsCo-ordination: HZG
LAWENDELLaser welding of newly developed Al-Li alloyCo-ordination: HZG
iTHEUSFundamental investigations on improved materials and storage concepts for a hydrogen based integrated total energy utilisation system
EXTRA-LASERExtrapolation and technical and economic study of a Laser Beam Welding technology
NESSHYNovel efficient solid storage for hydrogen
SELFMEMSelf-Assembled Polymer MembranesCo-ordination: HZG
HARCANAHigh Aspect Ratio Carbon-based NanocompositesCo-ordination: HZG
COSYComplex Solid State Reactions for Energy Efficient Hydrogen StorageCo-ordination: HZG
PROAIRActive protection of multi-material assemblies for aircraftsCo-ordination: HZG
EXOMETPhysical processing of molten light alloys under the influence of external fields
SOLHYDROMICSNanodesigned Electrochemical Converters of Solar Energy into Hydrogen Hosting Natural Enzymes or their Mimics
FLYHYFluorine Substituted High Capacity Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage at Low Working TemperaturesCo-ordination: HZG
MechaMoDeMechanism Based Modelling of Plastic Deformation Co-ordination: HZG
EUROMEMBRANESEuropean Conferences and Training in Membrane TechnologyCo-ordination: HZG
COINSCost Effective Integral Metallic Structure
MAGFORGEMagnesium Forged Components for Structural Lightweight Automotive Applications
FIBLASImprovement in Steel Utilisation and Manufacturing by Recent Break-Through in High-Power Fibre Laser Welding
POLYMERSPolymers of intrinsic microporosity - synthesis, transport properties and free volume
CARISMACoordination Action of Research on Intermediate and high temperature Specialised Membrane electrode Assembles
HYTRAINHydrogen Storage Research Training Network
FIBLAS TRAININGInvestigation into Fracture Mechanics and Ductile Fracture Propagation in Fibre Laser Welded High Strength SteelCo-ordination: HZG
NANOMEMPROExpanding membrane macroscale applications by exploring nanoscale material properties
SOLVSTIR Solving welding problems by the use of friction stirCo-ordination: HZG
MOREPOWERCompact direct (m)ethanol fuel cell for portable applicationsCo-ordination: HZG
CONDPOLS-2Development of new polymer materials with electrical conductivity and stimuli-sensitive attributesCo-ordination: HZG
WELAIRDevelopment of short distance welding concepts for airframes
COMPOSEMulticomponent nanostructured materials for separation membranesCo-ordination: HZG
SYNFABImproving the competitiveness of the European stell fabrication industry using synchronised tandem wire welding technology
STORHY Hydrogen storage systems for automotive applications
ADVANCED CREEPCoordination of advanced creep activities to improve safety and durability of high temperature plant materials
FENETA thematic network for promoting best practice industrial application of Finite Element Technology
CRETEDevelopment and harmonisation of Creep Crack Growth (CCG) testing for industrial specimens - A route to a European Code of Practice.
RENOMEMRecycling chemicals, energy and water from aggressive waste streams with novel modified nanofiltration (NF) membranes
SALINITY POWERPower production from the osmotic pressure difference between fresh water and sea water
FITNETEuropean Fitness for Service NetworkCo-ordination: HZG
CERHYSEPCeramic membranes for hydrogen separation
CAMERTOILA new process using membrane reactor technology to improve the healthcare aspects of hydrogenated edible oils
QUALISTIRDevelopment of novel non-destructive testing techniques and integrated online process control for robotic and flexible Friction Stir Welding systems.
SPECSEPDevelopment of new materials and processes to enhance specialty gas separations
JETCUTRemotely operated abrasive water jet cutting for offshore oil and gas well removal
PIPETAPRemotely operated Hot Tapping of Deep Water Subsea Pipelines
MEMBRANEMembrane technologyCo-ordination: HZG
DIPLOMATDevelopment of an interactive process technology database and design guidelines for friction stir welding of lightweight materials
WAFSWelding of airframes by friction stir
JOTSUPDevelopment of advanced joining technologies for supermartensitic stainless steel line pipesCo-ordination: HZG
FRICSURFFriction surfacing for multi-sectorial applications
H-Sorption in MGImproved hydrogen sorption kinetics in new magnesium composites for clean energy storage and transport
FCTESTNETThe fuel cell testing and standardisation network
IDAInvestigation on damage tolerance behaviour of Aluminium alloys
MAGNEXTRUSCOHydrostatic extrusion process for efficient production of magnesium structural components
DRYCOMFORTMembrane dehumidification for energy saving and comfort-efficient air handling systems in fixed and mobile applications
ERNSTEuropean research network for sustainable technologies
GubeljakAn estimation of integrity of a welded structure regarding constraintCo-ordination: HZG