EU - H2020 - Projects at HZG

HGF Research Field: Earth and Environment

AcronymTitleFurther information
E-SHAPEEuroGEOSS Showcases: Applications powered by Europe
IMMERSEImproving models for Marine Environment Services
OPERANDUMOpen-air laboratories for nature based solutions to manage hydro-meteo risks
SCIPPERShipping contributions to inland pollution push for the enforcement of regulations
EUCPEuropean Climate Prediction system
ERA4CSEuropean Research Area for Climate Services
AFTERImpact of climate change and climate extremes on the agriculture and forestry in the Europe-Russia-Turkey region
LOCAL ADAPTIntegration of climate change adaptation into the work of local authorities
PRINCIPLESProducing Regional Climate Projections Leading to European Services
BS MFCProvision of ocean analysis and forecast products for the Black Sea
CMEMS-TAC-OCCOPERNICUS Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) - Ocean Colour System Evolution and Implementation
ERA-PLANETThe European network for observing our changing planet
CSHIPPClean Shipping Project Platform
CLIMATEUROPEEuropean Climate Observations, Modelling and Services - 2
SODEEPStudy of the development of extreme events over permafrost areasCo-ordination: HZG
INNOVAInnovation in Climate Services ProvisionCo-ordination: HZG
CLISWELNClimate Services for the Water-Energy-Land NexusCo-ordination: HZG
iCUPEIntegrative and Comprehensive Understanding on Polar Environments
ECLISEAEuropean advances on climate services for coasts and seas
CO-CLI-SERVCo-development of place-based climate services for climate related (re-) action in coastal regions
CLINSHClean Inland Shipping
IGOSPIntegrated Global Observing Systems for Persistent Pollutants
SMURBSSmart urban solutions for air quality, disasters and city growth
NAIADNature Insurance Value: Assessment and Demonstration
CURAECoastal unstructured resolution for aquatic environments
WAVEFLOWConsistent wave-mean flow modelling in coupled atmosphere-wave-ocean models
ZOOMBIZooplankton formulations in marine biogeochemical models Co-ordination: HZG
SponGESDeep-sea Sponge Grounds Ecosystems of the North Atlantic: An integrated approach towards their preservation and sustainable exploitation
DANUBIUS-PPPreparatory phase for the pan-European Research Infrastructure DANUBIUS–RI "The International Centre for advanced studies on river-sea systems"
CEASELESSCopernicus Evolution and Applications with Sentinel Enhancements and Land Effluents for Shores and Seas
IMPREXImproving predictions and management of hydrological extremes
JERICO-NEXTJoint European Research Infrastructure Network for Coastal Observatory – Novel European expertise for coastal observatories
GLORIOUSGlobal Users in the COPERNICUS Climate Change Service (C3S)
MSPDATPathways and needs towards a Baltic regional spatial data infrastructure for maritime spatial planning
MARCOMarket Research for a Climate Services Observatory
EU-MACSEuropean Market for Climate Services
CMEMS-OCTACCOPERNICUS Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) - Ocean Colour Thematic Assembly Centre
BLACK SEA MFCBlack Sea Monitoring and Forecasting Centre
WAVE2NEMOCOPERNICUS Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) - Coupled ocean-wave model development in forecast environment Co-ordination: HZG
CLIM4ENERGYThe Copernicus Climate Change Service CLIM4ENERY project: Providing climate products tailored for the energy sector
DECMData Evaluation for Climate Models
SECTEURSector Engagement for Copernicus Climate Change Services (C3S): Translating European User Requirements
CNSS-IDIClean North Sea Shipping - Improved Dissemination and Impact
MYOCEAN FOPre-operational marine service continuity in transition towards Copernicus