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In line with the motto “Science creates benefits”, the researchers at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (HZG) gather scientific expertise in order to find answers and develop solutions for future challenges within the material, climate and coastal research. Transferring these solutions and technologies to both societal and economic sectors is amongst the core aims of the HZG.

The team "Innovations and Transfer" thereby assists in all technological transfer activities and contributes in making the innovation process more attractive. From research to application the team helps by protecting and validating the innovative technologies developed by HZG while also serving as a contact for all commercial inquiries regarding collaborative projects, contract research and use of patented technologies.

About us
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The Team "Innovations and Transfer" aids HZG researchers in all matters concerning the transfer and the utilization of its research results.
As an interface between the scientific and commercial sectors, Technology Transfer Support provides information to interested firms on possible forms of collaboration and on the transfer of innovative technologies to businesses.
Our aim is thereby to support innovation in an appropriate and secure environment and to support the dialog between the scientific and commercial sectors. Contact us

Our Offers for Companies
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Are you seeking innovative technologies within the Helmholtz research areas of high-performance materials, new materials within the field of medicine or climate change and coastal environment impact? Get in touch! More

Our Offers for Staff
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Are you employed at the HZG and have you developed a technology or an idea that could be of interest to companies in the commercial sector? Let’s talk! More

Invention Store
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The HZG is a member of the TransferAllianz and uses the Invention Store to provide information on selected innovative HZG technologies with high transfer potential. If you are interested in the use or further development of our technologies towards a concrete application, we’d love to provide you with information! External link

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Measured Separation - Interview with Henning Scheel, Business Development Manager at Flowserve SIHI in Itzehoe. More

Transfer Offer
SetCard Stand Biocompatible Magnesium Material

HZG researchers have developed a biodegradable implant material based on magnesium. This thereby renders a second operation unnecessary, where the implant would need to be removed. More