EU-Projects since the year 2000 at HZG

HGF Research Field: Health

Core Programme: Regenerative Medicine

The projects are arranged chronologically according to their end date, with longest residual term at the top.

AcronymTitleFurther information
TEH-TUBETissue engineering of the right heart outflow tract by a biofunctionalized bioresorbable polymeric valved tube
MEDEVMATNETEuropean medical device material thematic network
ALTANKOVDevelopment of a biohybrid skin equivalentCo-ordination: HZG
PERMODMolecular modelling for the competitive molecular design of polymer materials with controlled permeability propertiesCo-ordination: HZG
FAUCHEUX Cell behaviour towards different wettable biomaterials surfaces: Functional role of integrins in intracellular signalling processesCo-ordination: HZG
SMPPStudy of microstructure of free volume in high permeability polymers: Comparison with microporous sorbentsCo-ordination: HZG
VASCUPLUGBioreactive composite scaffold design for improved vascular connexion of tissue- engineered productsCo-ordination: HZG
MULTIMATDESIGNComputer aided molecular design of multifunctional materials with controlled permeability propertiesCo-ordination: HZG