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The Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht is a member of the largest German scientific organisation, the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres (HGF), and is a substantial contributor to illuminating the immense and pressing questions facing society, science and commerce.

The HZG’s focus lies in the fields of materials and coastal research and we publish content through a wide variety of channels, including on various social networking platforms.

Results and Experiences

We convey glimpses into our research centre from the most varying points of view. You can:

  • discover new scientific publications
  • accompany us on fascinating measurement campaigns
  • get a behind the scenes look at the campus
  • follow our contributions by listening to radio reports and watching television programmes and
  • participate in exciting events.

We also show you that behind much of the research and science there's always a "mere" human: that is, our approximately one thousand employees who work at our locations in Geesthacht and Teltow.

We look forward to communicating with you directly. Write to us! Participate in discussions! Ask us questions! We invite you to experience our research.

You’ll find us on the following platforms:

HZG on Facebook
HZG on Facebook

We offer information on what’s going on around the research centre by providing you with images, videos and short texts.
Our Facebook page

HZG on Twitter
HZG on Twitter

We use Twitter to point you to new scientific articles, jobs and events while also sharing information about our Helmholtz partners quickly.
Our Twitter feed

HZG on Instagram
HZG on Instagram

On Instagram we show you impressive pictures from the fascinating world of materials and coastal research.
Our Instagram feed

HZG on YouTube
HZG on YouTube

Our YouTube profile provides you with impressive films about our research at our campus and beyond.
Our YouTube channel

HZG Coastal Research Blog
HZG Coastal Research Blog

Our coastal research blog takes you into the laboratory, on board our research ships and on exciting measurement campaigns.
Our Coastal Research Blog

HZG Institutes with Their Own Platforms

Our primary profiles always reflect the activities of the entire research campus. Some institutes and divisions, however, maintain their own platforms in order to delve deeper into the material or to provide special information, such as educational and carreer opportunities.

Industrial Liaison Office
Industrial Liaison Office

Individual and technical information on the Industrial Liaison Office at the German Engineering Materials Science Centre.
Twitter feed for the Industrial Liaison Office


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Gesa Seidel

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