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Dr. Claudio Pistidda at a diffractometer for testing new hydrogen tanks.

On the pathway to novel hydrogen storage materials

Scientists at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht and their European partners have developed a new chemical system for storing solid hydrogen. The special combination of hydrides allows overcoming some of the most serious drawbacks associated to the use of this class of materials. This represents a real milestone in the development of hydrogen storage technology for mobile and stationary applications. The scientists’ results were published in the renowned journal “Journal of Materials Chemistry” today. more

Offshore wind farm in the North Sea

Research into offshore wind power: Where the wind blows

Using satellite radar images, scientists at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (HZG) are investigating how wind turbines in the German Bight are modifying the wind conditions in the surrounding area. Radar technology has shown these effects up to 70 kilometres behind the installations. Results that may be significant for the optimal siting and operation of future plants. more

Low tide, traces in the sand

Understanding the North Sea

The marine Geoportal coastMap offers a wide range of scientific data and information about the North Sea for experts as well as for interested public. more

Scientists measure the thickness of the sea ice with ice drills, in the background the Polarstern

The Artic in Transition

For the first time, the UK and Germany have joined forces to investigate the impact of climate change on the Arctic Ocean. more

Cover Communicating Climate Change Information for Decision- Making. Ed.: Serrao-Neumann, Coudrain, Coulter

Knowledge transfer in Climate Services

How to optimize knowledge transfer in Climate Services and better integrate science and practice? Different approaches in transdisciplinary research, their similarities and differences, as well as good quality are the topic of a recently published article: Integrating Research and Practice in Emerging Climate Services – Lessons from Other Transdisciplinary Dialogues. more

Coast at the Baltic Sea.

Second International Baltic Earth Conference in Denmark

About 130 Earth system scientists from 14 countries and different scientific disciplines will meet for the 2nd Baltic Earth Conference in mid-June in Helsingør, Denmark, to discuss past, current and future environmental transitions which the Baltic Sea region will face in the future. more

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New concept for structural colors

Scientists of the University of Hamburg (TUHH), the ITMO-University in St. Petersburg and the Helmholtz-Center Geesthacht have developed a novel concept for structural colors more

The measuring station of the French Polar Institute Paul- Émile-Victor on the island of Amsterdam

Forests significantly influence the global mercury cycle

Plants and their leaves are believed to play a key role in intercepting human-made emissions of harmful mercury - according to a new study in the journal Nature Geoscience, in which scientists from the Helmholtz Center Geesthacht (HZG) are involved. more