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Cooperation talks in Suncheon, Republic of Korea: Magnesium research & development centre is planned

The researchers at Magnesium Innovation Centre-MagIC, which is globally acknowledged in the field of magnesium research, visited Suncheon City in Republic of Korea in the end of November 2018 to share opinions on joint research.

Suncheon Teaser

From left to right: Dr. Sangbong Yi (HZG), Dr. Dietmar Letzig (HZG), Dr. David Klaumünzer (VW), Prof. Karl Ulrich Kainer (HZG), Mr. Seok Huh (Suncheon), Dr. Bong Sun You (KIMS), Mr. Jeom Tae Kim (Suncheon), Dr. Jong Sik Suh (KIMS) und Mr. Ki Jeong Lee (Suncheon). [Photo: Suncheon City]

The delegation of Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht discussed with the mayor and officials of Suncheon City about the joint research on the application of magnesium alloys and sheets.

Mr. Seok Huh, mayor of Suncheon City, said "We hope to found the Magnesium Global R&D center together with German Partners, like Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht and German automotive industry, to make Sunchon City as important key base of Magnesium cluster complex. I expect that the Dancheon area, the area of the world's richest magnesite resource, and Suncheon City will contribute to the inter-Korean economic cooperation project."

Prof. Karl Ulrich Kainer, Director of the Magnesium Innovation Centre-MagIC, addressed "Magnesium alloys as an important advanced material will be widely used by expanding its application in various fields such as bio-medical, battery as well as automobiles sectors. Moreover, the primary production of magnesium using the mineral resources from the Korean Peninsula will aid to establish a stable supply chain of magnesium."

Suncheon City, in which the POSCO Mg sheet plant with the world largest twin roll caster for magnesium sheet production locates, has predicted that collaborative research with the Magnesium Innovation Centre - MagIC at Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht will be realized together with hosting a branch institute of the KIMS - Korea Institute of Materials Science.


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