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Knowledge transfer in Climate Services

How to optimize knowledge transfer in Climate Services and better integrate science and practice? Different approaches in transdisciplinary research, their similarities and differences, as well as good quality are the topic of a recently published article: Integrating Research and Practice in Emerging Climate Services – Lessons from Other Transdisciplinary Dialogues.

Cover Communicating Climate Change Information for Decision- Making. Ed.: Serrao-Neumann, Coudrain, Coulter

Susanne Schuck-Zöller and Carina Brinkmann (GERICS), as well as Simone Rödder (Hamburg University) identify ten quality criteria for transdisciplinary dialogues. The article is part of the Springer Book and E-Book Communicating Climate Change Information for Decision-Making, dedicated to the application of climate sciences to policy and practice and collecting 15 contributions by international authors.



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