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Director of GKSS-Institute Andreas Lendlein advocates for Innovation Centre

Today, the director of the Centre for Biomaterials at the GKSS-Research, Dr. Andreas Lendlein, was appointed as the new science ambassador for the State of Brandenburg.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Lendlein and Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel

The new science ambassadors Prof. Dr. Andreas Lendlein and Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel. Photo: ZAB

Andreas Lendlein was named Science Ambassador by Brandenburg’s Minister of Finance Ulrich Junghanns and by the Secretary of Science and Reasearch Dr. Johann Komusiewicz in a ceremony in Potsdam. Dr. Christoph Meinel of the University of Potsdam was named as an additional ambassador. With this step, Brandenburg builds on the successful marketing program in which prominent scientists from the State promote Brandenburg as a place to invest in.

Andreas Lendlein on this topic: “Our innovations should be rapidly moved into clinical applications. For this reasons we maintain close contact with clinics and the industry, in order to accelerate the development of medical producers based on our new biomaterials. To that extent we will profit from a strong Brandenburg that is also on the international map as a location for investment and innovation”

Minister Junghanns: “The interaction between scientific institutions in the capital city’s region and the economy is a central building block of Brandenburg’s economic policies. This exchange is constantly improving and has since become a powerful argument in winning foreign investors. Through the Science Ambassadors, this factor speaks with even more authority in favour of our location. I am very grateful to professors Lendlein and Meinel, that they are using their global reputations on behalf of Brandenburg as a location and with that also for our economic policy plan.”

The Science Ambassadors collaborate closely with the ZukunftsAgentur [a development agency] Brandenburg GmbH (ZAB). ZAB-Executive President Dr. Steffen Kammradt: “The Science Ambassadors raise Brandenburg’s international profile as a location for innovation. They provide valuable contacts and make valuable contributions at forums and public events that serve the exchange between science and the economy. We are pleased that the program continues to develop so well through both of the new Science Ambassadors.”


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