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Thailands Minister of Science visited GKSS-Biomaterials Researchers in Teltow

Close research connections between the Teltow biomaterials researchers at the GKSS-Institute for Polymer Research and Thai experts have existed for years. Currently there is a bilateral science project on the topic of regenerative medicine in development.

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Photo: HZG/ Mario Zahn

On July 17th, the Thai Minister for Science and Technology, Dr. Khunying Kalaya Sophonpanich, visited the Teltow Centre for Biomaterials Development at the GKSS-Research Centre.
Along with the Minister, the delegation included other Ministry Officials as well as the President of the National Science and Technology Development Agency, Dr. Sakarindr Bhumiratana.

Leading scientists from renowned Thai research centres and representatives of the Thai press took part in visit as part of the fourteen-person delegation.

The employees of the Biomaterials Centre in Teltow along with their Director, Professor Andreas Lendlein, PhD, were thrilled with the high ranking visit from Thailand. Andreas Lendlein: “This visit attest the good relationships between our researchers. For some years already, there have been scientific discoveries about the area of regenerative medicine with scientists from this southeast Asian country.”

In the year 2007, Dr. Andreas Lendlein, together with the General Secretary of the Thai National Research Council, NRCT, Prof. Ahnond Bunyaratvej, organised the first Thai-German Symposium for Regenerative Medicine in Bangkok.
In 2008 the Centre in Teltow was involved in an anniversary celebration marking 30 years of cooperation between the German Research Society, DFG, and the NRCT in Chiang-Mai. At present, a larger bilateral science project in the framework of this cooperation is being developed.

Along with these projects, there is direct collaboration: Currently, a Thai doctoral student, Jutarat Pimthon, is completing her doctoral dissertation in Teltow and in the fall she will take on a teaching position at Mahidol University in Bangkok.


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