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Magnesium: Solutions in Medicine

Nils Holländer, Anke Schuster, Phillip Globig und Reneé Unbehau

They all work in the Department of Biological Characterisation: Nils Holländer, Anke Schuster, Philipp Globig und Reneé Unbehau (from left to right). Photo: HZG/ Christian Schmid

Bone screws or other implants made of magnesium possess beneficial properties: the material is elastic in a way that is similar to bone while maintaining its stability during fracture repair. What makes magnesium special is that it dissolves in the body. While other metallic screws or plates made of titanium or surgical stainless steel must often be removed, the need for a second surgery is eliminated when magnesium implants are used. The patient’s overall well-being increases and potential risk of infection is therefore reduced.

The staff of the Biological Characterisation Department are investigating the interactions between material and cells. We present the work of the department:


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Published in in2science #9 (April 2020)