Public Relations



PARI 2017 - Workshop on Public Awareness of Research Infrastructures II

Public Awareness of Research Infrastructures II
Communicating the importance of science to society

This conference aims to be a hands-on forum for communication officers and public relations staff to share their experiences and expertise. The aim is that participants return home with new ideas for their work, by learning how and with which means other research institutions are communicating the importance of science and of research infrastructures to society.
Location: Garching (near Munich), Germany

Open Day

Experience the fascinating Materials and Coastal Research on the site of the Helmholtz Centre Geesthacht. Visit the research vessel "Ludwig Prandtl" at the nearby Elbe or visit our labs.
Location: Campus Geesthacht

Hands-on Science

The Institute fof Biomaterial Science at HZG opens its doors: On June 17th there will be an Open House at the campus in Teltow-Seehof.
Location: Campus Teltow-Seehof


KÜNO Coastal Summer School

The summer school “How to govern marine environment: Baltic sea and sediment services as a case study“ will give an interdisciplinary overview on topics related to the functioning of marine environments and their possible response to human impacts and their governance.
Location: Town of Lauenburg and on board of the RV "Elisabeth Mann Borgese"