The Baltic Sea Region - A Science Powerhouse


The conference organised by Baltic Science Network and Baltic TRAM

Conference Baltic Tram

The Baltic Sea Region (BSR) is one of the most competitive, innovative science macro-regions in the world, with an excellent structure of leading universities and research institutions. Cooperation in research and innovation in this region is unique and can serve as a role model. Distributed research facilities are transnationally connected via the Baltic Science Network (BSN) and the BalticTRAM networks. It allows to combine and utilise the strengths of EU 15 and EU 13 countries in order to foster research and innovation and bridge the innovation gap where necessary. Both projects show that the BSR has potential to be a model for developing and implementing innovative measures in collaborative research and innovation programmes at national, macro-regional and EU level. The BSR highlights the importance of transnational cooperation for developing a prosperous, knowledge-based European society ready to manage future challenges. The recently published FP9 proposal “Horizon Europe” gives a strong signal in regard to emphasising the relevance of research and innovation in the EU, underlining the importance of unlocking the innovation potential of the research infrastructures, both in scientific research and research-industry collaboration. BSN and Baltic TRAM will use the conference to showcase the macro-region’s knowledge and the projects’ findings and present possibilities of transferring them to other European regions.

What to expect?
The event will address the question on how to align existing and upcoming innovation policy and R&D activities by operating in transnational structures to respond to the challenges at large. The benefits of joint research policies and strategies as well as cooperation in the frame of research and science will be discussed. The event will explore how innovation can be unlocked by strengthening collaborative actions and securing a workable framework of macro-regional collaboration between science and industry, and what actions are needed to better link research expertise to concrete industrial needs. Finally, the event will investigate how public and private sectors can join forces to enhance regional prosperity and growth. The event programme will include insightful presentations, interactive panel discussions and inspiring cases of research-industry collaboration. The prominent speakers will provide their insights and recommendations to the addressed themes on smart specialisation, research mobility, industry-research collaboration and implications of the new FP9 programme.

Who should attend?
The event aims to gather representatives of the EU Commission, national and regional science ministries, science community, parliamentarians, regional development agencies, innovation intermediaries, representatives of analytical research facilities, knowledge institutions, industry and business representatives.

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