COP 23: UN Climate Change Conference


"Clockwork Ocean" at UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn

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"Mysterious Oceans – The Eddy Hunt" can be seen at the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn.

In the Mobile Dome visitors can dive into the "Clockwork Ocean", be part of an expedition and enjoy the planetarium film. More about COP 23

The Movie: Die Wirbeljagd


Our oceans and large currents are influenced by the energy of countless small water eddies. Similar to clockwork gears, these eddies are interlocked and affect global climate, the occurrence of algal blooms and fish migration.

Coastal researchers at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht study these virtually unexplored eddies and present their research in the unique cross-media “Clockwork Ocean” project. With a zeppelin, research vessels and a lot of equipment the scientists started the expedition "Clockwork Ocean" in 2016. During the expedition, their research was filmed and a film for planetariums was produced. This film can bee seen at the COP 23.
More about "Clockwork Ocean"