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"Investigation and techno-economical evaluation of selected cost effective raw materials for hydrogen and electrochemical energy storage"

Alberto Biancoli / Experienced Researcher at Rockwood Lithium GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany

Working title

Investigation and techno-economical evaluation of selected cost effective raw materials for hydrogen and electrochemical energy storage.


The purpose of this project is the development of industrially viable processes for the synthesis of hydride-based materials.

Tasks and methodology

The task will be to investigate whether commercially available hydride qualities are suitable for three different applications and how the cost of hydrogen storage materials can be decreased.
Studies will include effects of impurities in low purity raw materials on hydrogen storage. The results on low cost materials shall be also applied in non-aqueous batteries, when applicable.

Short CV


Born near Torino, in Italy, Alberto Biancoli completed a Master Degree in Material Science at the Univesità degli Studi di Torino in 2007. After his studies, he joined OCV Chambéry International (Chambéry, France) where his main tasks were the adaption and the development of the analytical protocols available on the market and the quality control of the coating of the glass fibers involved in the production process.
In 2010 he started a PhD in Material Science at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, in Switzerland. The research was focused on the electro-mechanical properties of ferroelectric electroceramics. His main scientific activity was the exploration of the flexoelectric effect in bulk ceramics.
Other than with characterization techniques such as XRD, SEM, DSC and UV- Visible and IR spectroscopies, he is an expert in a wide range of techniques for the investigation of the coupling between electrical properties with mechanical properties (piezoelectricity), thermal properties (pyroelectricity) and of the dielectric properties in solid materials. He is also an expert in the processing of powders by ball milling and in the synthesis of solid compounds, in particular oxides, by solid state reaction.
In his free time he likes to do jogging, swimming and hiking.