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"Theoretical and experimental investigations of ion conductivity of novel hydrogen and electrochemical energy storage materials"

Anna Wolczyk / Early Stage Researcher at the Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy

Working title of thesis

Theoretical and experimental investigations of dynamic involved in hydrogen release and uptake and ion conductivity of advanced nano-materials.


  • Publications in scientific / chemical journals and conference proceedings are expected on the basis of the progress of research
  • PhD thesis
  • Scientific conferences with my own input

Tasks and methodology

Research will focus on hydrogen storage and batteries, working on synthesis (using ball milling and wet chemistry) and preparing experiments (measuring conductivity, XRD, IR, ssNMR, DSC). I would like to compare results with modelling calculations from Ab inito and Calphad in a way to better understand dynamic processes.

Short CV

Esr 10

My name is Anna Wolczyk and I was born in Kielce, Poland on 31/3/1989. I graduated from AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland. I studied full time at the Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics, Discipline Chemical Technology, Specialization Technology of Building Materials.
In 2012 I obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree with the thesis title:
"The project line for the production of dry plaster mixes based on a mixture of mineral binders and additives modifying and fine crushed aggregate"
In 2013 I obtained the Master of Science Degree with the thesis title:
“The use of miniaturized electrochemical sensors for the determination of heavy metals in aqueous extracts of construction products”
Before starting my work for ECOSTORE ITN Project “Novel Complex Metal Hydrides for Efficient and Compact Storage Renewable Energy as Hydrogen and Electricity” as an Early Stage Researcher at the University of Turin in March 2014 I spent 7 months (September 2013-February 2014) in Graz/Austria at the TU GRAZ; field: electrochemistry. I was responsible for discovering new electrolytes for diamond cutting wire. My first practice was in Caparica/Portugal in CENIMAT; field: transistors, where I spent three amazing months (October – December 2012).
In the free time, during the summer break, I was working as an animation in a hotel in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt (Aqua Blu) and at Kos Island, Greece (Mitsis Hotel).
All of these experiences have helped me to gain very good skills in managing projects and time, very good organizational skills, as well as an ability to think creatively but also strategically, logically, analyzing many variables at once. You can distinguish me as a fast learner and flexible person. Diversified experience in various fields connected with the management, open minded style of life.
Very strong events organizing and managing skills are my positive features. I am a responsible person with an ability to work both as a leader and a team member and as an independent worker.

Oral Presentations

  • "Thermodynamic investigation of the LiBH4-LiNH2 system'', YRW1 (Young Research Workshop), 04.03. - 06.03.2015, Kyushu University, Japan
  • ''Pros and cons of a particular type of synthesis in LiBH4-LiNH2 system'', E-MRS, 14.09. - 18.09.2015, Warsaw, Poland
  • ''A Complex-Hydride Based on Lithium Borohydride/Imide System’’, Symposium Metal Hydrides 2016, 11.08. - 16.08.2016, Interlaken, Switzerland


  • "Pros and cons of a particular type of synthesis in hydrogen world", ZOZ conferences, 01.03. - 03.03.2015, Kyoto, Japan
  • "Thermodynamic investigation of the LiBH4-LiNH2 system", GRC & GRS, 11.07. - 17.07.2015, Easton, USA
  • ''Morphology influence on Conductivity in (LiBH4)1-x(LiNH2)x'', 10th international Symposium Hydrogen & Energy, 22.02. - 27.02.2016 Zao, Japan
  • ''Influence of Synthesis Approach on Li-ion conductivity in (LiBH4)1-x(LiNH2)x (x=0.50, 0.75)'', 229th ECS meeting, 29.05. - 2.06.2016 San Diego, California, USA