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"Novel bi-and tri-metal borohydrides for hydrogen storage"

SeyedHosein Payandeh Gharibdoust / Early Stage Researcher at Aarhus University, Denmark

Working title of thesis

Novel complex metal hydrides for efficient and compact storage of renewable energy as hydrogen and electricity.


  • Synthesis of novel bi- and tri-metal borohydrides for hydrogen storage
  • Determination of thermodynamic and kinetic properties
  • Structural characterization
  • Evaluation of potentials for industrial application

Tasks and methodoloy

In this project selected novel bi- or tri-metal borohydrides will be prepared by wet chemistry, mechano-chemical methods, annealing or their combinations. Solvent and halide free products will be produced. In addition, their structure and mechanisms of release and uptake of hydrogen and explore additives for enhancing reaction kinetics will be studied with the aim to tailor both decomposition temperature and mechanisms for release and uptake of hydrogen.

Short CV

Payandeh Gharibdoust


PhD of Chemistry 2014-2017
Aarhus University

- Thesis: “Preparation and characterization of Novel bi- or tri- metal borohydrides, for hydrogen storage and solid
electrolytes in batteries by using wet chemistry, mechanochemical methods, annealing or combinations”
- Advisor: Associate professor Torben Jensen, Assistant professor Dorthe Ravnsbæk

Ongoing Projects and results:

- Synthesizing pure rare earth metal borohydrides
A new method based on wet chemistry is established to prepare pure rare earth metal borohydrides.
- Synthesizing bimetallic compounds for Hydrogen and electrochemical energy storage
New synthesis methods using either metathesis or addition reactions developed for bimetallic rare earth metal
borohydrides, which are potential Li, Na or Mg ion conductors and simultaneously store significant amounts of
- Stabilizing unstable borohydrides for hydrogen storage
A Novel type of reaction for synthesis of unstable molecular borohydrides. The mechanism involves a
combined metathesis and addition reaction demonstrated by synthesis of Rb2Zr(BH4)6

Master of Polymer Science 2011-2013
Tehran University

- Thesis: “Preparation and characterization of novel micro and nano capsules filled with epoxy resin and
polyamine via multiple emulsions as potential carriers for self-healing device”
- Advisor: Professor Sepideh Khoee

Bachelor of Applied chemistry Science 2006-2011
University of Mohaghegh Ardabili


- S.Khoee; H.Payandeh; P.Jafarzadeh. “Encapsulation of reactive amine with potential application in self-healing
composites” US patent “in registration process”.


- Application of response surface methodology in the optimization of the size of Nano-capsules containing epoxy
resin (submitted to journal of powder technology)
- Preparation of amine Nano-capsules for self-healing epoxy composites. (to be submitted after publishing the

Synchrotron proposals:
“Solid state lithium, sodium, and magnesium ionic conductors” TR Jensen, Mark Paskevicius, SH. Payandeh, SNBL-ESRF, Ref. No 37350, 26 February 2015.


  • “In-situ measurements of halide free rare earth (RE) borohydrides (RE = La, Gd, Er) in composite mixtures with LiBH4 and LiH” Gordon Research Conference, Stonehill College, USA, 12-17 July 2017.
  • “Synthesizing borohydrides with low decomposition temperature for hydrogen storage” Danscatt annual meeting, Aarhus Univeristy, Denmark 28-29 May 2015
  • “New series of bimetallic borohydrides based on La(BH4)3” OZ-15 conference RITS University. Kyoto Japan. 2 March 2015
  • “Novel Bimetallic borohydrides” iNANO Autumn School, Aarhus Univeristy, Denmark 10-12 October 2014
  • “Encapsulation of polystyrene Nano-capsules containing reactive amine with potential application in self-healing composites.” H. Payandeh, S. Khoee. 4th International biennial conference on Ultrafine Grained and Nanostructured Materials in Tehran, Iran. 5-6 November 2013
  • “Influence of operating conditions on the size and surface morphology of (UF) Nano-capsules containing reactive epoxy resin prepared by in situ polymerization” H. Payandeh, P.Jafarzadeh, S. Khoee. 4th International biennial conference on Ultrafine Grained and Nanostructured Materials in Tehran, Iran. 5-6 November 2013


  • “Synthesis, structure and properties of new bimetallic M-RE-BH4-X compounds, RE = La, Gd, M = K,Cs, X=Cl,Br” European material society (e-mrs) conference 2015, Warsaw University of Technology, 21-24 September 2015.
  • “Preparation of salt free La(BH4)3” ECOSTORE young researcher’s workshop. Kyushu University, Fukuoka Japan. 5 March 2015
  • “Project Status” 4th ECOSTORE Project Meeting. Bardonecchia (Turin), Italy. 2-3 February 2015.
  • “Project Status” 3th ECOSTORE Project Meeting. Aarhus University (AU), Denmark. 6,7 October 2014.
  • “Eutectic Melting of CsBH4-LiBH4” HyFillFast Meting at H2Logic, Herning, Denmark. 19-20. August 2014.

Training workshops + Schools

  • Ecostore Training Workshop 3, Torino University. Italy, 06-10 October 2014
  • iNANO Autumn School, Aarhus University. Denmark 10-12 October 2014
  • Ecostore Training Workshop 2, Aarhus University. Denmark, 06-10 October 2014

Attendance at meetings and conferences

  • 14th International Symposium on Metal-Hydrogen systems, Salford University, Manchester UK. 20-25th July 2014
  • 11th Aarhus Winter Meeting (Trends in Modern Chemistry) Aarhus University, Denmark. 23 January 2015
  • 13th iNANO Annual Meeting, Aarhus University, Denmark. 15 January 2015
  • CMC annual meeting, Aarhus University, Denmark. 4-5 June 2015