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University of Southern Denmark (SDU)


The University of Southern Denmark ( has campuses in the four major cities within Southern Denmark, with the main campus situated in Odense. The University has in total ca. 30000 students and ca. 2200 people employed as Academic staff. The Faculty of Science consists of four departments - one of these is the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy where the ECOSTORE project is conducted. The department has 185 employees and ca. 500 students working within the department’s 7700 square meters of offices and laboratories. The objective of the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy is to be an interdisciplinary department of high international class. The department breaks down traditional discipline boarders and aims to develop new technologies and sciences across chemistry, physics, and biology, which is demonstrated by our new study programs and research areas within medical chemistry, nanobioscience and pharmacy.

In ECOSTORE, SDU will focus on electrochemical and structural characterization of new materials through battery tests, electroanalysis, impedance spectroscopy and powder X-ray diffraction. Furthermore, SDU will contribute to structural characterisation and detailed investigation of the mechanisms ion storage and transport by operando synchrotron radiation powder X-ray diffraction.

Key personnel

Dr. Dorthe Bomholdt Ravnsbæk Is an expert in inorganic material science especially related to electrode materials for ion-storage in batteries and materials for hydrogen storage. She has a strong background in structural characterization by powder diffraction and she is an expert in operando and in situ powder diffraction techniques. She obtained her PhD in nanotechnology at the Inter Disciplinary Nanoscience Center (iNANO), Aarhus University, Denmark in 2011. Her PhD work focused on synthesis and structural characterization of novel metal hydrides for hydrogen storage. In 2012 she became a post-doctoral affiliate at Department of Material Science and Engineering at MIT in the group of Prof. Yet-Ming Chiang. Here she worked on developing and utilizing novel operando diffraction techniques to investigate the phase transformation mechanism in Li-ion cathode materials. During the winter 2014 she was appointed Assistant Professor at Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy at University of Southern Denmark. The focus of her research group is development of electrode materials for novel types of batteries and gaining fundamental insights into relations between structure, composition and electrochemical performance. She has authored more than 35 articles in international peer-reviewed journals, and has been awarded several prestigious awards, e.g. the EuroScience: European Young Researcher Award 2011 and the Award for Excellent International Research Collaboration from The Danish Council for Strategic Research.

Experimental facilities

Equipment for wet and solid state chemistry synthesis, autoclaves, ovens for heating in selected gas atmosphere, high energy ball mill, reactive milling, thermal analysis (DSC, TGA/DTA), several powder and single crystal X-ray diffractometers, Raman and infrared spectroscopy, ICP elemental analysis, NMR spectrometers dedicated for solid state MAS NMR (in collaboration with Assoc. Prof. U. G. Nielsen), Electron microscopy, instruments for advanced electro analysis and impedance spectroscopy.

Finally, the research group of Dr. Ravnsbæk has regular access to synchrotron facilities, e.g. MAX-lab, Lund, Sweden, and PETRA III@DESY, Hamburg, Germany, where specially designed equipment is utilized for operando experiments.

Selected publications

  • D. B. Ravnsbæk, K. Xiang, W. Xing, O. Borkiewicz, K. Wiaderek, P. Gionet, K. Chapman, P. Chupas, W. C. Carter, Y.-M. Chiang, ”Extended solid solution behavior and coherent transformations in nanoscale olivine cathodes” Nano Letters 2014, 14,1484–1491.
  • J. Huot, D. B. Ravnsbæk, J. Zhang, F. Cuevas, M. Latroche, T. R. Jensen, “Mechanochemical Synthesis of Hydrogen Storage Materials”, Progress in Materials Science, 2012, 58, 30-75. Review.
  • D. B. Ravnsbæk, R. Černý, Y. Filinchuk, T. R. Jensen, “Powder diffraction methods for studies of borohydride-based energy storage materials”, Z. Kristallographie, 2010, 225, 557–569. (invited review)
  • M. B. Ley, D. B. Ravnsbæk, Y. Filinchuk, Y.-S. Lee, D. Cheptiakov, R. Janot, Y. W. Cho, J. Skibsted, T. R. Jensen, “A new lithium ion conductor and hydrogen storage material with isolated tetranuclear anionic clusters, LiCe(BH4)3Cl”, Chem Mater, 2012, 24, 1654−1663.


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