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SAFT Batteries SAS


Saft is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of advanced-technology batteries for industry. Saft products are widely acknowledged to be reliable, safe, cost-efficient, long-life and respectful of the environment. Saft designs, develops and manufactures high-technology batteries for industry and specialised applications.
Saft’s mission is to support its customers, worldwide, with traditional and new-generation batteries tailored to their needs. The company continues to develop and enhance next-generation battery systems for emerging applications.
Saft has for many years been the world leader in the design and manufacture of nickel-based and primary lithium batteries for industrial use. Saft is the world leader in space and defence batteries with its Li-ion technologies, which are also deployed in energy storage, transportation and telecommunications.It is located in most countries where its customers are situated. It constantly nurtures excellence in its technical and commercial teams.
Saft’s products and solutions are essentially nickel-based batteries, primary lithium and new-generation lithium-based batteries and battery systems. They serve in a wide range of back-up or mission-critical applications in civil and military markets around the world.

Key personnel

Dr. Christian Jordy: Senior Scientist in charge of developing new high capacity materials for positive and negative electrodes. Professional experience: Engineer degree in chemical engineering & PhD in metallurgy on Ni-MH battery (1993) (one patent & 2 papers). Working at Saft since 1993: on NiMH batteries in research and development teams for 8 years on conventional Li-lon batteries (research) for 4 years and on prospective Li-lon systems since 2007. In Li-lon batteries, the research topics were related on positive materials, new Si and Sn based anode materials and on new positive materials. Responsible for the battery development of new NiMH cells in several US progams to design new long life batteries for EV and aircraft applications. In charge of several tasks in European and national projects and presently coordinating internal collaborations with national and international universities and industrial companies. Confirmed experience on new /+/ and /-/ electrode material design, electrode formulation, cell design, safety, ageing mechanisms of Ni-MH and Li-lon batteries.

Experimental facilities

The role of SAFT will be mainly focused on the synthesis of electrolyte-C-active material synthesis, and on the testing of electrochemical energy storage systems. The experimental equipment available for the project comprises the following instrumentations: SEM/ -EDAX microscopes, BET, PSD, X-Rays diffraction, glove box for the assembly devices in clean atmosphere, DSC, ATG, gas chromatography, FTIR, viscometer, ICP, X-Ray fluorescence, collaboration on plasma device; Impedance spectroscopy; galvanostat, potentiostat; equipment for electrode manufacturing, equipment for cell assembly; ball milling; furnaces; spray dryer; powder homogenizer.

Selected Publications

  • Z. Edfouf, F. Cuevas, M. Latroche, C. Georges, C. Jordy, T. Hézèque, G. Caillon, J.C. Jumas, M.T. Sougrati, “Nanostructured Si/Sn–Ni/C composite as negative electrode for Li-ion batteries“, Journal of Power Sources, Volume 196, Issue 10, 15 May 2011, Pages 4762-4768.
  • N. Tran, L. Croguennec, C. Jordy, Ph. Biensan, C. Delmas, “Influence of the synthesis route on the electrochemical properties of LiNi0.425Mn0.425Co0.15O2”, Solid State Ionics, Volume 176, Issues 17-18, 31 May 2005, Pages 1539-1547.
  • M. Ménétrier, J. Bains, L. Croguennec, A. Flambard, E. Bekaert, C. Jordy, Ph. Biensan, C. Delmas, “NMR evidence of LiF coating rather than fluorine substitution in Li(Ni0.425Mn0.425Co0.15)O2”, Journal of Solid State Chemistry, Volume 181, Issue 12, December 2008, Pages 3303-3307.


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