Institute of Membrane Research

Preparation of Hollow Fiber Membranes via Spinning, Photo: HZG/general

Material Characterisation and Processing

The research of the Department "Material Characterisation and Processing" is dedicated to the development and characterisation of nanostructured materials for membrane applications as well as to the preparation of membranes.

Our research focuses on processing as well as mechanical and rheological properties of nanostructured materials. Thermal and dielectric properties of polymer materials are also investigated. Structure-property relationships are established in order to predict the behaviour of materials in complex loading and flow situations, mainly for the development of membranes.

Furthermore, we develop innovative methods for sustainable production of membranes. Foam extrusion and sintering are examples of solvent-free processes for preparation of membranes. The analysis of these manufacturing processes is an important part of our research on nanostructured materials.

A wide range of nanostructured polymer materials is covered (block copolymers, polymer blends and nanocomposites) by our research. Morphological studies (phase separation, dispersion of nanofillers and orientation phenomena), analysis of the viscoelastic properties (mechanical and rheological experiments) as well as polymer processing are part of our work. In this way, we explore the basic mechanisms for the production of polymer membranes.