Neutron Scattering


The group “neutron scattering” uses neutron diffraction methods and makes them available for external users, in particular:

• strain analysis
• texture measurements
• phase determination
• analysis of nanostructures in the bulk of samples
• analysis of nanostructures at interfaces

We use neutrons at the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum (MLZ) in Garching near Munich. For the pre-characterization of samples, there are also lab instruments available.
Our neutron scattering experiments are complementary to the corresponding X-ray experiments as neutrons do not only offer a great penetration depth into most materials, they also highlight different elements than X-rays.
The beamtime at our instruments is distributed to users via the MLZ proposal system ( More

Users from academia and industry can choose between a collaborative and proprietary mode of access. In the collaborative mode, the beamtime is completely free of charge, in exchange the results have to be published in scientific journals. Alternatively, beamtime can be bought in the propietary mode (please contact us concerning prices), the results of these measurements will be treated confidentially.