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Engineer At Frm Ii Neutron Source In Garching Adjusting A Neutron Measuring Instrument. Credits _frm Ii _ Tum

Closure of research reactors

Die Schließung von Forschungsreaktoren verändert die Forschungslandschaft für die weltweit führende europäische Neutronengemeinschaft more

LSP Workshop participants

LSP Days 2019

2nd European Workshop on Laser Peening and Related Phenomena at Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht. more

Belly view of the larva of a fan-wing in amber

Amber fossils in X-ray light

50-million-year-old larva of the order Strepsiptera was examined by materials researchers of the Helmholtz Centre Geesthacht more

Katja Hauschildt at the experimental station at the synchrotron in Hamburg

Alloy development in ADVANCE

New high-performance material for aircraft:The recently launched ADVANCE project is laying the groundwork for developing new gamma titanium aluminide alloys. more

The participants of the expert meeting

Recommendations for Materials Modelling Translators and Business Users

The European Materials Modeling Council (EMMC) promotes the industrial application of materials science modeling and computer simulations. An expert meeting organised by the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht on 27 March 2019 will develop the metodology and fundamentals of the translation process. more

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Open PhD Positions at the Graduate School M4B - Materials for brain

Open PhD Positions M4B
VacancyApplication deadlineInstituteLocation
Research Software Developer / Scientist Deep Learning for X-ray Tomography 12.08.2020Institute of Materials ResearchHamburg
Data Scientist for Automated X-ray Diffraction Data Analysis31.08.2020Institute of Materials ResearchHamburg