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New analytical tools for engineering materials science

Europe has the world´s best portfolio of Advanced Research Infrastructures (ARIs), serving a wide and dynamic community of tens of thousands of scientists every year. These large-scale and unique facilities enable remarkable insights into materials of all types. The research infrastructures are increasingly becoming a routine tool exploited for industrial R&D.

The compressor wheel is examined for residual stresses in the neutron diffractometer.

Compressor wheel mounted in neutron diffracotmeter for residual stress measurements. Photo: Carsten Meißner/HZB

SYNERGI 2018 will bring industrial researchers and European ARIs face to face on an unprecedented scale in order to discuss R&D matters and how they could eventually be addressed using the special techniques provided at ARIs. Depending on case presented, there is a possibility to get free access to some of Europe’s neutron- and synchrotron radiation sources.

The German Engineering Materials Science Centre (GEMS) from the Helmholtz-Zentntrum Geesthacht is one of the organising partners of SYNERGI 2018.

Thematically, the forum will cover engineering materials science - with subtopics including automotive, aerospace, metallurgy, additive manufacturing, energy and microelectronics.

Synergi 2018 synchroton an Neutron Radiation Go Industrial. New analytical tools for engineering materials science

Registration for the business-research matching requires creation of a profile indicating the topics to discuss. The team of ARI scientists and industrial liaison officers will contact attendees to set up meetings. Meetings can also be requested with specific participants.

For further information please visit: www.synergi2018.eu

European projects supporting SYNERGI 2018.
Organisation of the R2B-Matching is supported by Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

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