Best Paper Award in Madrid

Best Paper Award in Madrid for Publication on FITNET Fitness for Service procedure

A research paper with the title “European Fitness for Service Procedure FITNET and Its Application to Welded Aerospace Structures” written by Dr. Eduard Seib, Mustafa-Volkan Uz and Dr. Mustafa Koçak has been rewarded with the “Best Research Paper” award at 1st International Welding and Joining Technologies Congress and 17th Technical Sessions in Madrid, Spain. The Congress was organized by Spanish Welding Association.

Award Best Paper

The paper gives an introduction about the FITNET Fitness for Service procedure and then shows the application of the procedure to airframes. With the utilization of FITNET, it becomes possible to predict the maximum load carrying capacity of welded stiffened aluminum airframes containing defects with high precision. Therefore, damage tolerance analysis of such structures can be improved.

Dr. Mustafa Kocak is the head of Joining and Assessment Department, which is a part of Material Mechanics Institute of GKSS Research Center. Dr. Eduard Seib has completed his PhD. at this department in year 2005 and Mustafa-Volkan Uz is currently conducting his PhD. also at this department.

The paper is available for download here. Official web site of the FITNET Fitness for Service Procedure