Prof. Regine Willumeit-Römer


Structure Research on Macromolecules
Studied Physics at the University of Hamburg Diploma thesis: "Detection of Mercury in Air by Neutron Activation Analysis" Ph. D. thesis: "Localisation of Proteins in the E.coli Ribosome by Spin Contrast Variation" Head of department since 1997 06.03.02: Habilitation in Biochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Hamburg. 14.04.03: Venia Legendi in Biochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Hamburg. 13.02.2009: Appointment as Professor of the University of Hamburg Memberships: Actual or one-time Member of the: “Komitee Forschung mit Neutronen KFN” ( Scientific Council of the ILL Scientific and Instrumental Council of the Research Reactor Munich FRM-II Proposal committee of JCNS at the FRM-II Chair of Subcommittee 8 at ILL Co-ordinator of NMI3 Access Activities at GeNF Co-ordinator of the Marie-Curie-Training network BIOCONTROL ( Research Areas: Development of metallic biomaterials: (A) Surface modification of titanium based implant materials by biomimetic coatings. We develop cell membrane mimics for medical application. Techniques: Langmuir Blodget films, SEM, AFM, neutron reflectometry, cell and microbiology, tomography. (B) Characterisation of biodegradable magnesium materials. Here were study the cell interaction and the corrosion of the material under near physiological conditions. Techniques: cell and microbiology, tomography, XPS, elctrochemistry. Biological structure research: peptide-membrane interaction (peptide antibiotics). The aim is to understand how small molecules can select and destroy a target membrane. Techniques: neutron and X-ray scattering/diffraction, DSC, microbiology. Contribution to the operation of the EMBL build small angle X-ray scattering instrument BioSAXS at Petra III (; including user support in the fields of membrane biophysics, soft matter research (colloids, microemulsions, polymers) and magnetic nanoparticles.
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Komitee Forschung mit Neutronen KFN Marie-Curie-Training network BIOCONTROL