Strukturbildende Copolymere zur primären und sekundären Ausrüstung von Oberflächen mit funktionalen und schaltbaren Oberflächen

Contract-No: CPNC 03173005

This project investigates the structure of a partially branched homopolymer polyethylene imine (PEI) that has functional groups covalently bound to its surface. These model polymers could be used for drug delivery of DNA and other negatively charged molecules in the cell. Recently, intensive investigations have been performed to establish their interactions with cells and model lipid membranes. Participants in the project include partners from RWTH Aachen and the industry. The measurements are carried out using neutron or X-ray scattering methods.

In general, neutron and X-ray scattering methods can be used to study the structure of non crystalline matter. Examples of non crystalline matter may include not only branched polymers in solution but also defect networks on crystalline template, complex fluids and etc. The kinetics of the structural transitions can be studied by variation of the temperature.