Dr. Klaus Taube

Dr. Klaus Taube

Research Programme and Project Coordination
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  • Coordinator of the EU funded Marie Curie Initial Training Network "ECOSTORE: Novel Complex Metal Hydrides for Efficient and Compact Storage of Renewable Energy as Hydrogen and Electricity", (http://www.ecostore-itn.eu/, 2013 - 2017)
  • Coordinator of the FCH JU Collaborative Project "BOR4STORE: Fast, reliable and cost effective boron hydride based high capacity solid state hydrogen storage materials", (http://www.bor4store.eu/, 2012 - 2015)
  • Coordinator of the EU Collaborative Project "FLYHY: Fluorine Substituted High Capacity Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage at Low Temperatures" (http://www.flyhy.eu/, 2009 - 2011)
  • Coordinator of Marie Curie Research Training Network "COSY: Complex Solid State Reactions for Energy Efficient Hydrogen Storage" (http://www.cosy-net.eu/, 2006 - 2010)
  • Assistant coordinator of Helmholtz-Initiative "FuncHy: Functional Materials for Mobile Hydrogen Storage" (http://funchy.hzg.de/, 2005 - 2010)
  • Assistant to Prof. Norbert Huber (Speaker of Helmholtz-Programme "Advanced Engineering Materials")


Scientific Background

since 2002:
Scientist at the Institute of Material Science at GKSS Research Centre
Head of Dept. Forming Technology at IFU Institute for Forming Technology, Lüdenscheid
Scientist at the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Technology and Thin Films, Braunschweig
PhD Thesis at the Philips Research Laboratory Hamburg, Dept. Thin Films
Title "Investigation of the Mechanical Properties of Thin Films with an an Ultramicro-Indentation Method"
Study of physics at the University of Hamburg

October, 10, 1959, Johannesburg / South-Africa

Selected Publications

  • K. Taube, K. Bewilogua ˝Tribology of Thin Coating Systems" - in "Encyclopedia of Materials: Science and Technology: Physical Properties of Thin Films and Artificial Multilayers", K.Samwer, Edt. (Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, 2001)
  • K. Taube, K. Bewilogua ˝Tribologische Schichten - Reibungsminderung - Kohlenstoffhaltige Schichten" - in "Praxishandbuch moderne Beschichtungen", K.W. Mertz, H.A. Jehn, Edts. (Carl Hanser Verlag, München, 2001) S.55 ff.
  • T. Michler, K. Taube - "DLC Coatings Extend Die Life & Cut Lubrication Demand in Forming" - MetalForming 6/98 (Indenpendence OH, USA) S. 23 - 28
  • K. Taube, T. Michler - "Diamant-ähnlicher Kohlenstoff für die schmierstoffarme Stahlumformung" - Stahl 11/98 (Verlag Stahl-Eisen)
  • K. Taube - "Carbon-based coatings for Dry Sheet Metal Working" - Surface and Coatings Technology 98 (1998) S. 976 - 984
  • K. Taube - "Einfluß und Korrektur der Spitzenverrundung bei Last-Eindringtiefenmessungen im Sub-Mikrometer-Bereich" - VDI-Verlag Berichte Nr. 1194 (1995) S. 109 ff.
  • K. Taube, M. Grischke, K. Bewilogua - "Improvement of Carbon-based Coatings for Use in the cold forming of Non-ferrous Metals" - Surface Coatings and Technology, 68/69 (1994) S. 662 ff.
  • K. Taube - "Measurement of mechanical properties of thin solid films: Hardness, Elasticity and Stress" - in "Advanced Techniques for Surface Engineering, W. Gissler, H. A. Jehn, Edts., (Kluver, 1992) S. 275 ff.
  • K. Taube - "Untersuchung der mechanischen Eigenschaften von dünnen Schichten mit einer Ultramikro-Eindruckmethode" - Dissertation, VDI-Verlag (1991), Reihe 18: Mechanik / Bruchmechanik, Nr. 102
  • C. Benndorf, M. Fryda, K. Taube, C.-P. Klages, H. G. Haubold - "Structural and mechanical properties of niobium-containing amorphous carbon films (Nb-C:H)" - Materials Science and Engineering, A 140 (1991) S. 795 ff.
  • M. Fryda, K. Taube, C.-P. Klages - "Nanometer indentation measurements on metal-containing amorphous carbon films (Me-C:H)" - Vacuum 41 (4-6) (1990) S. 1293 ff.
  • K. W. Gerstenberg, K. Taube - "Measurement of the Young's modulus for structural characterization of amorphous Si:C:N:H-films" - Fresenius Z. Anal. Chem. 333 (1989) S. 313 ff.
  • K. Taube, C.-P. Klages - "Mechanische Charakterisierung von Schichten mit einem Nanometerindentor" - in "Prüfen und Bewerten von Oberflächenschichten", VDI-Ges. Werkstofftechnik (VDI-Verlag Düsseldorf, 1988)

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