Solid State Joining Processes

Scientific and Technical Infrastructure


T805 Bobbin Tool FSW robotic system

140617 Wmp Www T805 Bbt Maschine Foto

Siemens 840D control
5 axes
positioning accuracy ±50µm
repositioning accuracy ±10µm
max. acceleration 2G
max. velocity 90m/min
max. forces:
vertical : 45000 N
horizontal: 10000 N

HZG Flexistir Bobbin Tool FSW system

140617 Wmp Www Flexistir Maschine Foto Frontal

six motor controlled axes: table, portal, gap (BT-mode), secondary table, y-positioning and tilting
one manually adjustable axis: tool angle +/- 5°
two fully independent spindles (BT-mode): pin and upper shoulder

bobbin tool welding head:
-up to 20Nm per Spindle
-0-2000 RPM
-up to 4kN gap-force

steel welding head:
-up to 80Nm
-up to 40kN down force

3D piezoelectric force sensors:
-measurement of X,Y and Z forces acting on the tool
-torque measurement
-1D piezoelectric force sensors
-measurement of gap-force (BT-mode)

HZG FSW gantry system

140701 Wmp Www Gantry Maschine Foto Iso

axial Force (z): 80 kN
side Force (y): 15 kN
force in welding direction (x): 20 kN
bi-directional rotational speed of the Spindel: 3500 rpm
spindle torque continous / max.: 190 Nm / 340 Nm
tool tilt angle: between -3° and +3°
welding speed: up to 160 mm/s
max. working space (x, y, z): 2350 mm x 250 mm x 800 mm

measurement and control:
-axial force
-rotational speed

-horizontal forces
-spindle torque

T9000 FSW robotic gantry system

140617 Wmp Www T900 Robgant Maschine Foto Frontal Fischauge

electric actuators
rotational speed of spindle up to 6000 U/min
axial forces up to 60 kN
radial forces up to 20 kN
dimension of workspace 6m x 2m x 0,8m

measurement and control:
-axial force
-roational speed of spindle

-horizontal forces
-torque at spindle

HZG RPS 100 friction spot welding system

140630 Rps100 Wmp Www Foto Frontal

rotational speed between 500 and 3000 rpm
max. spot diameter 12 mm
max. weld depth 10 mm

measurement and control:
-axial force
-rotational speed at spindle
-tool travel of pin and sleeve

HZG RPS 200 friction spot welding system

140617 Wmp Www Rps200 Maschine Foto Perspektivisch

stroke of welding tool: 10 mm
welding force: 35 kN
torque: 60 Nm (90 Nm for 15 s)
bi-rotational speed of tool elements: 3300 rpm
work area: 1000 mm x 500 mm
mass: 4,7 t
stroke of weld head: 300 mm
clamping force: 40 kN

measurement and control:
-torque at pin
-torque at sleeve
-clamping force
-intrusion force pin
-intrusion force sleeve
-travel pin
-travel sleeve

HZG friction surfacing- / HFDB- system

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axial force: 0-60 kN
spindle speed: 0-6000 rpm
spindle torque: max. 200 Nm
stiff and robust design
work space: 0,5 m x 1,5 m x 0,3 m
consumable rod diameter: max. 30 mm
consumable rod length: max. 300 mm
flash cutter device

measurement and control:
-forces in spatial direction
-spindle torque
-spindle rotational speed
-displacement in x-, y- and z-axis

HZG (small) RSM friction riveting system

Figure 1 Rsm 400

-spindle speed 6000 up to 24000 rpm
-axial forces max. 15 kN
-stroke max. 50 mm

measurement and control:
-axial force
-rotational speed

HZG (large) friction riveting system

140617 Wmp Www Fricriveting Maschine Foto Perspektivisch

tri-axial control concept (automatic operation)

spindle: RSM 410 Harms & Wende
-drive max. 21000 rpm
-max. axial force 24 kN
-max. torque 20Nm

work piece magazine for 20 rivets
backing plate 1000 x 1500 mm

3D piezoelectric force sensors
-measurement of X, Y and Z forces
-torque measurement

integrated position sensor

FEI Quanta 650 FEG Scanning Electron Microscope

140617 Wmp Www Sem Quanta 650 Foto Frontal

high resolution Schottky field emission

vacuum modes
-high vacuum, HiVac (10^-2-10^-4 Pa)
-low vacuum, LoVac (10-200 Pa)
-extended vacuum mode, ESEM (10-4000 Pa)

accelerating voltage : 200 V to 30 kV

stage control: eucentric position

Analytical system: Energy Dispersive Spectrometer, Electron Backscatter Diffraction

Assistant unit: Navigation Camera, Quick Loader

External device: Vibration Isolation Controller Unit, Magnetic Field Compensation system, and Uninterruptible Power Supply

Miscellaneous: Beam Deceleration, Concentric solid-state Backscattered detector (CBS)