Techniques and Equipment

The department Simulation of Solids and Structures uses compute-server for the conduction of finite-elements (FE) analyses. All computers are equipped with commercial licenses of the finite element system ABAQUS®. This computing set up allows parallel work in basic research, as well as projects with industrial partners.

Sun fire X4450
Sun fire X4600
Sun fire v40

The finite element mesh generation for ABAQUS is conducted using ABAQUS/CAE® or MSC/Patran. These tools allow the import of geometry data from various CAD systems. In addition to the finite element system ABAQUS, the multi-physics system COMSOL® is installed at computers in the institute, where it is used for process modelling of friction stir welding and related processes. For process modelling of laser welding, one license of the software Sysweld® is available as well.