Joining and Assessment



Implementing multi-material components as well as joining new structural materials requires innovative design approaches and advanced joining methods such as laser beam welding. The assessment of relationships between process, structure and properties of such components can be extremely complex and therefore demands highly developed experimental techniques which are supported through failure analysis concepts.

Because the welded structures usually no longer exhibit homogenous material properties, a precise understanding of the welding process and the material mechanics, in terms of deformation or failure behaviour, is required for improving the structural properties. Aiming at system solutions for welded lightweight materials, our research and development priorities are oriented as follows:

Process Optimization
Local and Global Properties
Welded Seam Behaviour

We develop new solution strategies in the realm of joining and assessment in conjunction with both national and European industry partners from the aerospace, transportation and energy sectors. Our department thus makes an important contribution to the research and development topic “Hybrid and Functionalised Structures” encompassed in the “Advanced Engineering Materials” program within the Helmholtz research field “Key Technologies.”