Wrought Magnesium Alloys

Equipment and Facilities

The following processing techniques are available to the WZW department:

Twin roll caster
Type 620-650 by Novelis, bandwidth 650 mm, roll diameter 600 mm, max. rolling speed 6 m/min, min. cast thickness 4 mm. furnace line by StrikoWestofen, max. melt volume 1000 kg/h, max. temperature 750°C
Warm- and cold mill
Type TP09AP01 by Danieli Fröhling, rolling width 400 – 500 mm, roll diameter 360 mm, max. rolling speed 24 m/min, max. roll temperature 250°C
Scanning electron microscope
Type Ultra 55 by Carl Zeiss AG, EDX, EBSD for phase analysis and texture determination
X-ray diffractometer
Type X´Pert Pro by Panalytical, 50 kV X-ray tube, phase determination, texture analysis, internal stress analysis
Optical 3D deformation analysis
Aramis by Gesellschaft für optische Messtechnik GOM, 2 high-resolution cameras for analysis of forming processes, recording of forming limit diagrams
Dynamic materials testing machine
Type FB250 by Zwick / Roell, maximum test force 250 kN, testing speed for tension and pressure tests 1–4000 mm/s, tempering chamber RT < T < 400 °C
Static materials testing machine
Type Z050 by Zwick / Roell, maximum test force 50 kN, testing speed 0.001–400 mm/min
Duo cold-roll stand
Type M205 by Metz, rated pressure 50 t, maximum forward speed 12 m/s
Drop impact tester
by Rosand, maximum drop height 1.3 m, impact energy 210–800 J
Universal strip and sheet forming testing machine
Model 145-60 by Erichsen, max. tensile force 600 kN, max. blank holding force 400 kN, test stroke 250 mm, Erichsen test, deep-drawing cup test Ø 33 + 50 mm, bulge test Ø 100 mm, recording of FLC Ø 50 + 100 mm, heating unit for hot-forming experiments RT < T < 300 °C
Automatic Extrusion Press
Experimental Extrusion press of Müller Engineering for direct and indirect extrusion of magnesium alloys, 2,5 MN extrusion force, 0,1 - 8 mm/s Extrusion speed, Container heating up to 500°C; 4-fold winder for coiling of wires, Production of profiles and wires