Magnesium Innovation Centre MagIC

Magnesium Processing


Simulation of filling a cast spiral

The area of process technology comprises all activities concerned with the casting of magnesium-based materials. This applies not only to production of wrought and cast magnesium alloys but also to alloy development and further processing in the molten and partially fluid states. The main areas of research are:

  • development of high temperature-resistant magnesium materials, recycling alloys and biodegradable magnesium alloys,
  • replacement of rare earths as alloying elements,
  • in situ solidification experiments with synchrotron radiation,
  • development of replacements for cover gas SF6,
  • investigation of the castability of magnesium alloys; grain refinement, rheology and hot tearing susceptibility and
  • development of nanoparticle reinforced magnesium composites.