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In the frame of the Helmholtz initiative for mobile/stationary energy storage systems (Energiespeicherinitiative), HZG (programmes AEM and MML) is involved in the development of new energy storage materials. The focus of the MML activities is the structural characterisation of the storage materials as well as high energy tomography investigations at the new PETRA III beamlines.

Recently, the huge and growing demand for renewable energy in modern industrial societies leads to immense technological challenges to develop energy storage materials and systems. The current project of the Helmholtz-Initiative for mobile/stationary energy storage systems mainly aims at improving the performance of Li-ion batteries by developing nanostructured energy materials with optimized properties and solid batteries to increase the Li-ion mobility in the solid electrolyte at the operating temperatures. Modeling, simulation and theory are being developed as well in order to understand the materials/systems of the 4th generation materials and systems, such as Li-S and Li-air. The participating research centres in this project are KIT, HZG, HZB, HZDR, UFZ, FZJ, and DLR.

In the framework of this project, GEMS is involved in the investigation
of the electro-chemo-mechanical coupling in model lithium alloy
electrodes by the group of Hybrid Materials Systems of the Materials
Mechanics Institute. In order to characterize materials used in Li-ion batteries, the German Engineering Materials Science Centre (GEMS) of HZG offers synchrotron radiation and neutron research facilities at PETRA III and MLZ, respectively. This comprises both scattering techniques (wide- and small-angle scattering) as well as micro and nanotomographic imaging.

KIT Helmholtz energy storage initiative project description

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Electrochemical Cell for In Situ Experiment

Electrochemical Cell for In Situ Experiment

left: Setup of the electrochemical cell on a 6-circle goniometer at KMC-2 beamline at BESSY II [Daniel Többens / HZB], right: Technical drawing of the cell [Tobias Kitzler / HZG].


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