Surveys with Research Vessels

RV Prandtl

Research cuises across the German Bight complement the regular in situ stationary and ship of opportunity observations. They provide a quasi-synoptic overview of the German Bight.
The regular repeated ship-tracks criss-cross the North Sea passing by the stationary COSYNA and state monitoring stations BSH-MARNET thus also covering the East-West and South-North cross-shore gradients in the German Bight.

He365 Cruise

RV Heincke 365 Cruise

This pattern is complemented by short distance transects. The research vessels RV Heincke and RV Prandtl are equipped with a FerryBox, profiling water samplers and an undulating towed instrument carrier (‘Scanfish’™).

These surveys serve several purposes simultaneously:

  • Spatially interpolate observed variables between the locations of the stations
  • Add depth information to the surface data from FerryBoxes and remote sensing data
  • Calibrate instruments with quality-controlled in situ water samples
  • Test new sensor packages for later incorporation into the pre-operational observational sensor arrays
  • Study the natural dynamics of the North Sea.