Data Platform

coastMap will enable fast and standardised access to observation and model data, serving to answer current questions on coastal research, environmental protection of the sea and regional planning for marine areas. The coastMap data managers work in close cooperation with scientists at the Institute of Coastal Research to provide results from individual projects in databases and in the form of digital data services. The portal is a gateway for searching, visualising and accessing the existing geodata. Some features are outlined below:

  • by using mapping services (e.g., WMS, WFS, WPS), the user can access the coastMap geodata, which can be configured as needed and integrated into desktop applications
  • capable of integration into external mapping services (if supported)
  • the user can browse the metadata catalogue by subject and can transfer information into his or her own metadata catalogue via a CSW interface
  • ability to research background information on scientific content
  • coastMap applications offered for mobile devices (tablet, smartphone)

Examples of Mapping