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The marine Geoportal coastMap of the Institute of Coastal Research at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht provides access to existing geodata and information products of the HZG and its partner institutions. It combines analyses and model data relevant to seafloor conditions and those in the overlying water column and the atmosphere with a focus on the North Sea.

Matters of marine and environmental relevance have stimulated increasing interest by media and the public. Therefore coastMap targets different user groups: experts, professionals of other disciplines and the interested public. On the basis of modern IT functionalities the data and information are readily accessible and mostly free for download.

Research activities of the scientists are the starting point for scientific information channeled into knowledge for the management in the coastal zone and the marine environment. This includes the definition of good environmental status, or to examine management options. Therefore activities were often co-designed with government authorities and institutions, in line with HZG's mandate and motto: "Wissen schafft Nutzen" ("Science creates benefits").

The following geodata and information products and components are provided to users:

coastMap is a sibling to HZG's existing work in the coastal ocean: COSYNA (Coastal Ocean Observatory of the division Operational Systems) and coastDat (Model System of the division System Analysis and Modelling).


Director of Institute, PI coastMap

Prof. Dr. Kay-Christian Emeis

Biogeochemistry in Coastal Seas

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Scientific Coordination, Website

Dr. Marcus Lange

Biogeochemistry in Coastal Seas

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GIS and Data Infrastructure

Ulrike Kleeberg

Biogeochemistry in Coastal Seas

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Data Infrastructure

Linda Baldewein

Biogeochemistry in Coastal Seas

Phone: +49(0)4152 87 1801

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