System Analysis and Modelling

Coordination of ocean wave modelling themes

The ocean wave modelling has shown impressive developments, both on the theoretical aspects as in the quality of the results available to users. The state-of the art development and international distribution of the WAM wave model for forecasts applications at operational services and for hindcasts and climate assessments are on going work at HZG.

The ocean waves control the exchange of energy, momentum, heat, moisture, gas, etc. between the ocean and the atmosphere in the earth system. Therefore first steps towards a fully coupled atmosphere-wave-ocean model have been carried out. The impact of waves on currents and water levels and vice versa in coastal areas was successfully demonstrated.

A substantially improved sediment transport modelling due to wave induced turbulence was shown in the North Sea and Yellow Sea in comparison to satellite observations. Sea state reconstructions and climate scenarios computations with the WAM model have created a huge interest to use the data in industrial applications.