System Analysis and Modelling

Foto: Sabine Billerbeck / Grafik: HZG

Regional Atmospheric Modelling

Global climate models describe the global climate change for the next decades reasonably well. However, they lack performance on the regional scale due to their coarse grid mesh.

The major research area of the group for atmospheric modelling is the description of climate change on the regional scale. Together with several other institutes the group developed a regional climate model for the atmosphere on the basis of the high-resolution weather forecast model of the German Weather Service (DWD). Unlike in the day-to-day weather forecasts the regional climate model simulates up to several decades.

While global climate models presently have a grid mesh size of about 200 kilometres the regional climate model at HZG can be applied on grid mesh sizes down to about three kilometres.

The group for regional atmospheric modelling participates in several national and international projects.