Birgit Gerkensmeier

Birgit Gerkensmeier

Northern German Coastal and Climate Office

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As a member of the Northern German Coastal and Climate Office, Birgit Gerkensmeier works for the Co-Cli-Serv project, which focuses on ‘Co-development of place-based climate services for action’. The project investigates novel ways to transform climate science into action-oriented climate services to engage, enable and empower local communities, knowledge brokers and scientists to act locally.

Birgit has gained experience in storm surge research and research on risk perception and awareness in coastal areas within different projects. In her PhD thesis she analysed the role of multi-stakeholder processes in the complex decision-making systems in coastal risk management. In this context, insights from the cross-national Wadden Sea Region provided the basis for a conceptual discussion about coastal risk management understood as more than a technical endeavour but as a socially embedded and collaborative process.

  • Coastal management
  • Regional Climate Services
  • Stakeholders in decision-making processes
  • Human-nature-interaction