Lea Stumbitz, M.Sc.

Lea Stumbitz

Human Dimensions of Coastal Areas
PhD Student
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Lea Stumbitz studied ‘Water and Coastal Management’ and ‘Environmental and Infrastructure Planning’ at the Universities of Oldenburg and Groningen (the Netherlands), where she worked on climate change adaptation and resilience of coastal areas. Since April 2017 Lea is working in the department Human Dimensions of Coastal Areas. In her dissertation she focuses on the institutional making of coastal spaces in North Frisia against the backdrop of climate change adaptation measures. Within this scope, institutional negotiation processes and – practices, as well as risk cultures are looked at, which provide the basis for the creation of new or restructuring of already existing coastal spaces.

  • Social-scientific Wadden Sea -/Coastal research
  • Transition of coastal spaces
  • Institutional risk cultures