Martin Bönewitz, M.Sc.

Martin Bönewitz

Human Dimensions of Coastal Areas
PhD Student
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Martin Bönewitz is PhD researcher at the Helmhotz-Zentrum Geesthacht’s Department of Human Dimensions in Coastal Areas since April 2017. He focusses on individual and institutional preparedness for multiple risks, in particular storm surges, in Eastern Frisia (Germany). Starting point for his research are concepts of risk perception and risk communication which are the basis to understand what actually makes citizens get prepared.

Martin Bönewitz studied Geography in Leipzig, Recife (Brazil), Bonn and Rennes. After completing his B.Sc. degree in 2013 at Leipzig University he focused within the M.Sc. Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security (United Nations University, Bonn University, 2013-2016) on concepts of risks, vulnerability and resilience. From July 2015 till December 2015 he worked at the Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ Leipzig) on institutional disaster risk reduction and flood risk communication.

  • Social construction of risks and preparedness
  • Communication and perception of risks
  • Risk governance, risk maturity, participation and partaking