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Anja Singer

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  • Benthic-pelagic trait-based adaptive ecosystem modelling. Variability in quantitative macrobenthic traits (e.g. mean vertical position) in response to environmental gradients/changes
  • Macrobenthic communities in the Southern North Sea within the MOSSCO project


Since May 2017 Postdoc in Marine Biology at HZG. Topic: “Benthic-pelagic trait-based adaptive ecosystem modelling for the southern North Sea” within the MOSSCO project (‘Modular System for Shelves and Coasts’)

Dec 2012 - Dec 2016 PhD Student in Marine Biology at the University of Bremen and Senckenberg am Meer. Topic: “Small-scale benthos distribution modelling in tidal ecosystems in response to climatic and environmental changes (1970s-2050)” within the INTERCOAST programme (‘Integrated Coastal Zone and Shelf-Sea Research’), an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Universities of Bremen (Germany) and Waikato (New Zealand)

Sep 2011 - Apr 2012 Rsearch Associate in Biogeography, University of Bayreuth within the project "Climate change impacts on flora, fauna and habitats and adaptation strategies of conservation"


13 Dec 2016 PhD awarded in Marine Biology, Faculty of Biology/Chemistry, University of Bremen

2005 - 2011 Diploma studies in physical geography, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Peer-review publications

Singer et al. (2017) “Modelling benthic macrofauna and seagrass distribution patterns in a North Sea tidal basin in response to 2050 climatic and environmental scenarios”. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 188: 99-108. doi:10.1016/j.ecss.2017.02.003

Singer et al. (2016) “Small-scale benthos distribution modelling in a North Sea tidal basin in response to climatic and environmental changes (1970s-2009)”. Marine Ecology Progress Series 551: 13-30. doi:10.3354/meps11756

Conference publications