System Analysis and Modelling

Coastal Impacts and Paleoclimate

The research of the group Coastal Impacts focuses on the long-term historical, recent and future changes of the land-ocean system that may have a societal relevance. Besides the impact of climate change, other natural and anthropogenic factors (coastal engineering, economic planning and development, etc.) also leave their long-term imprint on their coast, and often all factors interact in complex ways. Our research involves the scientific analyses and evaluation of various regional data sets (observations, reconstructions and model data) of coastal regions covering timescales of decades to millennia.

Our research projects address questions that have a strong interdisciplinary character and therefore are in collaboration with scientists of other disciplines like e.g. coastal engineers, geologists, ecologists, and sociologists. Although our raised research questions are of regional nature, it is not limited to the North European region but has a global perspective.

Currently our projects encompass the evolution of sandy coastlines, such as in the south-western Baltic coastline or the retreating coast of Ghana, that is impacted by erosion processes and are increasingly at risk due to sea-level rise and changes in storminess. Another main focus of research is the impact of climate variability and change on coastal upwelling.