Service and Knowledge Transfer

Regional Assessment Reports

In cooperation with universities, scientific institutes and authorities, current knowledge about past, present and future potential climate change has been summarized in regional assessment reports. These regional climate change assessments are based on published scientific work with a regional IPCC like evaluation. Internationally, regional assessment reports about the North Sea and Baltic Sea have been published. Coordinated by the Institute of Coastal Research, the first regional and transnational assessment report for the Baltic Sea was published in 2008.

Zweiter Hamburger Klimabericht (German)

2017 Ham Klimabericht

Year of publication, 2017

Klimabericht Hamburg

Klimawandel in Deutschland (German)

2016 Klimawandel De

Year of publication, 2016

The Institute of Coastal Research has contributed a chapter on topics from coastal research. This assessment report was coordinated by Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS), an institute of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht.

Klimawandel in Deutschland (Climate Service Center Germany, GERICS)

North Sea Region Climate Change Assessment, NOSCCA

2016 Noscca Report

Year of publication, 2016

NOSCCA website

Second Assessment of Climate Change for the Baltic Sea Basin, BACC II

2015 BACC2 Report

Year of publication, 2015

BACC II Report

Hamburger Klimabericht (German)

2011 Ham Klimabericht

Year of publication, 2011

Klimabericht Hamburg

Assessment of Climate Change for the Baltic Sea Basin, BACC

2008 Bacc Report

Year of publication, 2008

BACC Report