Institute of Coastal Research

Functions of the multisensor explained in an easy to understand way (Photo: Ina Frings / HZG)

Service and Knowledge Transfer

To pass on the results of our research as knowledge is done in many different ways and is adapted to the respective target groups. In the scientific field, we provide data and the resulting publications and offer young researchers insights into selected topics through workshops or so-called "summer schools".

In addition, we keep an eye on the public by presenting our research results in a generally understandable way and communicating them in an appealing way. This includes lectures, events, media reports, interactive exhibits, flyers, brochures, websites, apps and social media channels. We have compiled a selection under the heading Media.

The Norddeutsches Küsten- und Klimabüro is available as a contact for questions on climate change in the North German metropolitan region of Hamburg. In the Baltic Sea region, Baltic Earth is established as a network for Earth system research.

The promotion of young talent is also an important issue for us. We want to inspire young people for our topics and offer internships for pupils and students as well as positions for a doctoral career.