Service and Knowledge Transfer
vessel lies at the quay for open ship event

"Open Ship" on our research vessel "Ludwig Prandtl" (Photo: Ina Frings / HZG)

We give you an insight into our research work

We use various formats to present our research work. Every three years, the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht opens its doors for the "Research Day", where you can get an insight into the work of the scientists on site. Once a year we travel with our research vessel "Ludwig Prandtl" to offer an "Open Ship" at selected stations as part of a comprehensive supporting programme.

At regular intervals we offer guided tours for interested visitors on our campus. Our scientists enrich many external programs with their lectures. We also take part in major regional and national events (e.g. German Unity Day, Night or Summer of Knowledge) and aligning our participation according to the respective motto or regional reference.

The announcements can be found in the current event notes .