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Summer School 2017

10 - 21 September 2017 Town of Lauenburg and on board of the RV "Elisabeth Mann Borgese"

Coastal Summer School on “How to govern marine environment: Baltic Sea and sediment services as a case study”

Screenshot Website KÜNO Coastal Summer School

Screenshot Website KÜNO Coastal Summer School

The coastal seas are regions of intense commercial and non-commercial use by multiple groups of our society. An aspect, which superimposes these two types of use, is the function of the sea as reactor and depository for the discharge of substances, either of natural or anthropogenic sources, from the catchment basins of the riparian countries.

The important functions of sediments in the Baltic Sea will serve as a case study. The integration and provision of spatial data as a scientific basis for the implementation of major marine and coastal policies (Marine Strategy Framework Directive, Water Framework Directive, and Habitat Directive) is one key aspect to govern a multi used area.
(Source: KÜNO Coastal Summer School)

The Summer School, initiated by Hans Burchard from the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Research Warnemünde, is realized in cooperation of some of the leading National Centres for coastal research in Germany: Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Centre for Material and Coastal Research, MARUM, Leibniz Institute for Baltic Research Warnemünde. They have been organizing a common annual summer school since 2002 in Sylt, Helgoland, Büsum and Warnemünde.

For detailed information please visit the website KÜNO Coastal Summer School