School of Environmental Research

Main topics of Environmental Research at HZG refer to regional climatology and climate dynamics, interdecadal variations in the state of the coastal oceans and the flow of water, heavy metals, nutrients and other materials in river catchments to the coastal area. This research aims at the understanding, monitoring and prediction of changes in the environment, both because of internal (natural) dynamics and because of anthropogenic interference.

In order to disseminate results of these research acitivities as well as to initiate a broad discussion among senior scientists in the field and younger colleagues from all over the world, Environmental Research at HZG created in 1996 the "School on Environmental Research". The School is a week-long meeting, during which internationally acknowledged experts present the state of knowledge to a group of about 30-50 students, postdocs and young colleagues. The courses are given in English, and the edited lectures are published by the Springer Verlag in a special book series.

Seven Schools have already been held:

First School April 1997

The First School was organised in April 1997 and dealt with "Anthropogenic Climate Change". It was sponsored by the European Commission, the Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum, The University of Hamburg and by the Freunde und Förderer des GKSS -orschungszentrums. This financial support, together with the funding by the GKSS itself, allowed to finance the participation of many students. The book with the lectures is available from Springer Publishers.

Second School September 1998

The Second School was from 23.-30. September 1998 and was about "Models in Environmental Research". Sponsors were the Freunde und Förderer des GKSS Forschungszentrums, the University of Hamburg, the German Climate Computing Centre and the Carl-Duisberg-Gesellschaft. The book is available from Springer Publishers.

Third School September 2001

The Third School took place from September 24-October 5, 2001, in Wilhelmshaven, organized jointly by the KIHZ (Klima in historischen Zeiten = Natural climate variations from 10,000 years to the present day) consortium. The idea was to bring together climate modelers and geoscientists collecting climate archives like lake and marine sediments, ice cores, tree rings and information from permafrost regions. The temporal focus was on the last millenium, including the medieval optimum and the Little Ice Age. The results have been condensed to the third book of the Springer series.

Fourth School [Book published November 2007]

The Fourth School dealt with "Environmental Crises: Science and Policy" and brought together scientists from Geosciences, Economists and Social science, from November 2nd to 11th on the island of Helgoland. The aim was to analyze environmental crises like oil pollution, climate change or the introduction of lead-free gasoline and the role of science, media and politics. Financial support came from the Freunde und Förderer des GKSS Forschungszentrums and from the International Max Planck Research School on Earth System Modelling. The Springer book has been published in November 2007.
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Fifth School May 2007 [Book published July 2011]

The Fifth School was in May 2007 in the beautiful hunting castle Göhrde, not far from Lüneburg. Subject was "Persistent pollution: past, present and future". 36 students from 26 countries came to learn and discuss about the emission, distribution and chemical transformation of anthropogenic compunds in the atmosphere. The School was sponsored by the Freunde und Föderer des GKSS Forschungszentrums and the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt. The book will be available in print in July 2011 and has shown up on Springer's internet page.

After renaming GKSS by HZG, the book series was also given a new name: "School of Environmental Research - organized by Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht".
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Sixth School October 2009

The Sixth School on "Statistical Analysis in Climate Science" was held in Lecce, Italy, from Oct 6th - 16th 2009, as a follow-up of the School on Climate Statistics on the island of Elba in 1993. Organizers were Hans von Storch, Antonio Navarra and Francis Zwiers

Seventh School

The Seventh School was held July 2009 on the Danish island Bornholm, initiated and organized by the International Baltic Sea project BALTEX. The manuscript is being prepared. Book editors will be Markus Reckermann, Keith Brander, Brian MacKenzie, and Anders Omstedt.
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