Internships and Practical Training

We offer interships as well as practical training for pupils and students. Please read the referring category for our requirements. Also we would like to know a little bit of your focus and decision about coastal research. Please don't miss this point in your application.

Please forward your complete application to the department "Human Resources"

Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht
Human Resources
Max-Planck-Straße 1
21502 Geesthacht

or via E-Mail


  • significant cover letter
  • curriculum vitae
  • copies of leaving certificate and diploma
  • documents of the University referring to the practical training


  • Tetanus (requested)

We offer practical training for pupils on school's demand, only if accident and property damage liability insurance is guaranteed by the school or corresponding responsible.

Period of practical training

  • 2 weeks (3 weeks by way of an exception)


  • personal written cover letter
  • curriculum vitae
  • listing of software knowledge (for example MS OFFICE)
  • copies of the current and prior school certificate
  • documents of the school referring to the internship and insurance conditions


  • Tetanus (requested)

Preliminary lead time

  • Applications should be made not longer than half a year before the requested internship's date. Because of short-term planning we are only able to confirm or deny 3 - 4 months in advance to the requested date. The date of received application has no effect on granting an internship or practical training.

School marks

  • Good or excellent school marks in scientific subjects (biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics) as well as in English language are required. Otherwise there could be problems in understanding challenges and processes of the training. Basical computer knowledge is requested, but not mandatory required.


  • Please refer a current E-Mail address and a phone number in case we want to contact you for further inquiries or information.